Abigail Adams :

An Amazing Woman

By juhi

Abigail Adams had an interesting life. She was born in November 1744.Her father was the Reverend William Smith and her mother was Elizabeth Quincy Smith.She had four children, Abigail (called Nabby), John Quincy, Tommy and Charles, with her husband, John Adams.She had an older sister named Mary, a younger sister named Betsy, and a brother named Billy. Abby was frail and lonely as a small child. She was taught by her father and got good education such. She was allowed to use her father's library along with her siblings. Abigail loved books.She received no formal education. As a child, she was always sick. She was shy and quiet but dertermined and stubborn as a child. Through her mother she was a descendant of the 17th century Puritian preacher, Thomas Shepard.When she met John Adams he was a lawyer. They married on October 25, 1764. Abigail was against slavery and believed in equal rights for all. She loved , and shared her thoughts about, politics. She was not afraid to speak her mind. She was separated from her husband for long periods of time when he was away. He was first a delegate in Congress, then a diplomat in Europe. She watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from Penn Hill near her home. Abby went to France to join her husband and then to England with him. There they met King George III. Abigail kept the peace between her husband and the King. In 1800 she moved into the White House. She died October 28, 1818.