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Dear Allie,

Reduce~reuse~recycle. These words are what keep our world alive. On the other hands if we donít try to do these things what will happen to our world? All the reasons to protect the earth are so easy to do, but most of us donít even want to try. If we all just do a little bit to help the earth it will make a difference in our future. Recycling soda cans will help reduce the need for metal and paper In addition; it will help to conserve trees which give off oxygen which help us to breathe.

†††† If we all reduce the amount of paper or anything that is harmful to the earth you will not only have self-satisfaction, but you will also be changing the world. When you go food shopping do you use plastic bags? Well then if you do times it by a million .Millions of people use up plastic everyday just by shopping. Think of a world where there arenít plastic shopping bags but recyclable shopping bags.

††† Picture you sitting on the beach, relaxing, in the hot sun. Now picture giant trash heaps all over the beach. The smell is nauseating, and it interrupts your vacation. The more recycling the less time being depressed on your vacation. All the trash came from us and it isnít a good thing. So would you rather spend your vacation having fun, or moping around while inhaling the rachides aroma?

†† Reusing items are also such a big part of helping the world. Think of a bird, trotting over to the ocean ready for a nice fish to dine on. As it finds what it thinks is a fish it suddenly falls to the ground, struggling to breathe as it tries to get the plastic six pack soda holder off their neck. Where did the holder come from? Us, we were reason for an animalís death. What if that was you, would you like it if someone did that to you? That is a reason recycling is so important. Not only us, but to the animals too.

††††††††††† For the people that care about our planet as they take action. Some of them spend hundreds of dollars to keep a clean beach. But itís really not their mess. Itís like your brother made a mess in your room and you have to clean it up. It isnít fair for the people so much because they do all the work while to others make more messes. So all of us should help and then there would be less then a mess and it would help.

††††††††††† Reducing, reusing and recycling solve many problems in the world. But why donít people take action and help and help out just a little if they know itís good. It is our job to protect the Earth so we can live without a problem. So next time you are about to throw away a paper or a can remember, reduce reuse, recycle!