Joanne Kathleen Rowling

By Caitlin

JK's Childhood:

JK's Major Accomplishments:

*JK is the author of the Harry Potter books.

*JK's books are best-sellers.

*One of JK's books was the top-selling book of 2000.

*Over 175,000,000 of JK's books were sold.

*JK's books were on a best-seller list for over a year.

*There are now films of the Harry Potter books.

*The movies are chart-topping.

*JK says that she is too famous for her own good.

How JK Affected the Future:

*JK's books were read by children.

*JK encouraged people to read.

*JK's books bring joy to people.

*JK's books bring people a new world to enjoy.

*JK's books gave new interest to the magical arts.

*JK wrote best-selling books.

*JK's books were made into chart-topping movies.

JK is a great woman that continues to affect the future with her many accomplishments.