Joe Namath

by:Denise Rokicki

Joe Namath was born May 31,1943, in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. He was 1 out of 5 children and had 3 brothers and 1 sister. His brothers names were Sonny, Bobby, and Franklin. His sister was adopted and her name was Rita. When he was born he had blue-green eyes, dimples, and long black hair. His full name is Joseph William Namath. Since he lived in the poorer part of Beaver Falls, there were mostly African Americans because not even 1 job in that part of Beaver Falls paid good money. Joe got so mad he was different he smeared brown shoe polish all over his face. His mother had a hard time scrubbing the shoe polish off. When he got older he moved to Alabama and went to The University of Alabama. About 1 month into the school year he joined the football team. In college he won two Associated Press National Championships (1964-65) In the first game he was so good he joined the American Football League. Here are some of the AFL Highlights.