Mike Piazza

By Lisa

Personal Information

Born: September 4, 1968- Norristown, Pennsylvania

Family Information: Veronica and Vincent Piazza- 4 brothers

Backround: Italian

High School: Pheonixville High School

Collage: Miami Dade North Community Collage

Age: 35 years old

Hight: 6 feet 3 inches

Weight: 215 pounds

Hero: Mike Schmidt

As a kid: At the age of 12 he got personal batting practice from Hall of Famer, Ted Williams

In The Life of Baseball

12 years in the Major Leagues

He had 3 grand slams in 2000

6 grand slams while playing for the New York Mets

Has about 370 homeruns in his career

Was the Dodger's 61st drast pick in the 62nd round 1,390th overall

Mike Piazza is a great baseball player!!

He is my favorite!!!!