By Taylor

Two days before school was out, Nancy handed out invitations to her pool party to everyone in her class. Nancy was a girl with long, dirty blonde hair. She wore mostly jean shorts and cute tops.

Everyone in her class RSVP and said that they could go. Nancy was so excited. She couldn’t wait. She already had all the materials for the party.

The day of the party came. It was a bright, hot, and sunny day. Nancy woke up at 8:00. She had to get the party set up soon because the party started at 10:30.

By 10:00 Nancy has the party all set up. At exactly 10:30 the first guest arrived. It was Nancy’s friend Danielle. Danielle dressed mostly like Nancy. A few minutes later the next guest arrived. It was Lisa, another friend of Nancy. Those three girls were the most popular girls in school. By 11:00 everyone arrived.

The first thing everyone did was they went swimming in Nancy’s pool the first game they played in the pool was Marko-polo. Well, at least until a girl named Maggie hurt her head against the pool when she was it. She was fine though. The next game they played in the water was goofy. Luckily, no one got hurt in that game.

After everyone was out of breath, or their arms hurt, they decided to play a different game. They decided to play soccer. There were 12 people on a team. Nancy, Danielle, Lisa, and Maggie were the best at soccer. They were all on the same team. They also had a kid named Alex C. on their team. He was pretty good at soccer too.

The soccer game started. Nancy’s team creamed the other team. By the time the game ended, almost everyone was lying on the ground because they were so tired. They decided they didn’t want to play soccer anymore.

By then, it was 12:00. So they decided to eat. There were hotdogs, hamburgers, and a bunch of other food, snacks, and drinks.

After everyone was done eating, they decided to play pin-the-tail on the donkey. Anyone who won got a prize.

A lot of kids won. Nancy, Danielle, Lisa, Steven, Brad, Carolena, Denise, and Maggie won. They each got a little goldfish. Very pretty ones too!

After that, it was 12:45. So everyone decided to play red rover.

In the middle of the game, something happened! A pit-bull, named Ander, from next door got loose and ruined the game of red rover. Ander went running after people. (He did no harm, just frightened them.)

People went nuts! People even jumped into the pool. That is how everyone wound up in the pool, because Ander couldn’t swim.

Finally, because Ander had no one to go after, he went home (or did he?)

After that, everyone got out of the pool. They started their game of red rover again, when not, just Ander, but another pit-bull, named Mic, came back running into Nancy’s yard.

“Quick, everyone in the pool!” yelled Lisa. And with that said, everyone jumped into the pool. But that didn’t last long, because Mic knew to swim! Everyone thought up an idea. But it was so hard when everyone was so frightened!

After a while, a girl named Alex V. thought up a plan.

“Two people hold up two pieces of meat over the pool. That will catch the attention of the dogs. Then quietly we will sneak out of the pool,” Alex said.

“Great idea!” everyone screamed.

Then there was another problem.

“What about the two people holding the meat. How will they get out?” Danielle asked.

“I never thought of that,” Alex said sounding down.

“I know!” exclaimed Maggie. “The two people holding the meat will drop the meat. Then they will wait a few seconds until the dogs are so into the meat they won’t even look away. Then they will quietly but quickly sneak out of the pool.” Maggie had a big smile on her face.

“Good thinking!” Nancy yelled giving Maggie a high five.

And that is just what they did. Danielle and Nancy held the meat. Then, everyone snuck out of the pool. Finally, Nancy and Danielle let go of the meat. They waited a few seconds, and then made a dash for the door. They made it!

After Mic and Ander finished the meat they left. And this time they didn’t come back during the party.

“That was a close one,” everyone said with a relief.

One again they started the game of red rover. This time, they actually got to finish the game! Once that game was over, it was so hot. They decided to go back in the pool. They did races, different strokes, and a bunch of other fun things in the pool.

When everyone got out of the pool, they had some quick snacks then they went on the trampoline. Almost everyone could do flips on the pool. By the time that game was over, it was 4:11, but the PPB (Pool Party Blast) wasn’t over.

Everyone decided to have a water balloon fight. It was awesome, as everyone said! And it was!

The last couple of things they did were a lot of fun!

They did the pińata. Tons of candy was in the pińata!

They did different kinds of relays. The relays were extremely fun, as everyone said! And finally, they ate more!

For most people, the party ended at 6:30. But Danielle, Lisa, and Maggie slept over Nancy’s house. They helped Nancy clean up the party, and then they went inside.

Before they went into her room they looked out the window, and what did they see? ANDER AND MIC!!!!!!!!!!!

“This is the beginning of the beginning!” Lisa said with a giggle.

“I have an idea,” Danielle shouted. “Just throw two pieces of meat out there.” By then, Danielle was on the floor laughing!

And with that said, Nancy threw two pieces of meat out there and they went away.

Nancy, Maggie, Lisa, and Danielle went into Nancy’s room, and within 10 minutes they were all asleep.