The Cat and the Hobby


Drone a tuxedo cat was bored when he decided, “I will get a hobby.” When he said that he was talking to his brother Angel at the time. Angel started wagging his tail and started barking,” I want to help you find one.” The room they were at had white walls and roof and had a scratch post as they left into the soggy green grassed backyard.


While they were there, they started thinking of ideas when suddenly an idea danced to them in the shape of a video game system. “       I can do Video Games for my hobby.” Drone said to angel. “But Drone we don’t have any skills or a system.” Angel mentioned to drone.


Meanwhile, Drone was calling his tuxedo cat friend Aidan to join him. “I got his call and I’m on my way and I am so fast I can get there before they can even blink.” Aidan said to himself because he was alone at the time. When Angel saw Aidan, he squinted to see and when he got there he tripped on a rock and did a face plant on the ground. “I’m ready to help you out” Aidan explained in kind tone.


Aidan went over to Angel and gave him an enorus hug and then hugged Drone and set everything up. “ALL YOU NEED IS CONTROLLER, A SYSTEM, AND A GAME TO PLAY!” Drone demanded to know. “Yes.” Aidan sobbed. “Hold the controller like this and then you push the buttons to do things in the game, but you need a TV, a game, a controller, and a system to even do anything.” Aidan mentioned to Drone and Angel while they were playing. ”We won a high score in the game of 1,000,000,000!” Drone and Angel yelled to Aidan and he flew out the window. ”We mastered playing video games in only one day,” Angel and Drone said, “Where is Aidan?”


They all learned that they need to call Aidan when they want to learn a hobby, to do hard work, and to have teamwork when they do it.