Miley Cyrus

By: Alina


Miley was not born as just any girl. She was born as Billy Ray Cyrus’ baby girl. Growing up being known as well as her gave her the advantage of becoming famous. Miley was very lucky for having this advantage. I would it to be as easy as that to become famous like her!

        Miley’s a young talented girl. When the calendar read November 23, 1992, she was born to Leticia, or as everyone calls her Tish, and as I said, her very famous father Billy Ray Cyrus, a country singer. Her father is where Miley learned her passion of singing and acting. Miley has two half brothers, Trace and Christopher. Her full siblings are Braison, her brother, Brandi and Noah, Miley’s sisters. Miley’s big family live in Thompson Station, a place near Nashville Tennessee, on 500 acres of farm. Crazy!

After taken into consideration Miley was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, but as you know that name went through the drain. We all know her as Miley Cyrus. Her father gave this name to her. He called her Smiley Miley for being a very smiley joyful baby. Now that name has stuck like glue. Growing up as a kid Cyrus’ hobbies were singing, dancing, playing guitar, writing music, and one you may not know is cheer. Miley and I have things in common let alone the day we were born. We enjoy many similar things like the color lime green and somewhat of purple. Her favorite junk food is anything sour, and for a great meal Chinese food or sushi! What a great appetite, but that is not where it ends. From here, it all goes up hill.

        Where do I start? There is so much to say about her professional career. Her father brought her into acting. He was on PAX’s television show, DOC, and brought Miley into the show as Kylie. In addition, she starred in Big Fish as Ruthie. This is when she realized she wanted to have this career for the rest of her life. In addition to this 2003 acting mania, she began to try out for the very well known television series, Hannah Montana. This career started when she was only eleven. Miley got the role of Hannah, and that lead her to great popularity. Singing started for her when she preformed on stage with her dad, but as Hannah Montana grew larger and larger, Miley then recorded four albums for Disney with songs from Hannah Montana. Besides the album, there was a Hannah Montana movie. Now the show has ended, but she moved on to something bigger and better. Disney asked her to play the voice of Penny in the movie Bolt. As well as Bolt in 2010, the movie The Last Song was released. Miley was the role of Ronnie.

        Awards and more awards! Cyrus won many awards throughout 2007 and 2011, but here are her most recent ones. In 2009, she won three awards. The Teen Choice Awards. This was won for Best Movie Actress, Music, and Dances in Hannah Montana the movie. Soon she went off winning the Gracie awards for Outstanding Female Lead Comedy Series Hannah Montana. To top it all off she won MTV Movie Award for Best Song from Hannah Montana. The song was The Climb. Now comes 2010. She won two awards that year. It was Teen Choice Award for Hissy Fit in Last Song. Along with all of this, she won the Blimp Award for favorite Movie Actress in Hannah Montana the Movie. Finally comes 2011. She again won Blimp award for Favorite Movie Actress, but this time it was fro the movie Last Song. She did not stop here. She will keep going and having a successful life!

         Miley may or may not have inspired you, but she has impacted me. Miley has a helps a big charity called The Charity Starkey Hearing Foundation. They were glad to bring her in. She has heard of how many missions they go on to help the hearing of poor places. One of Miley’s favorite missions was Haiti. She loved singing to the little kids. They even invited her to come back again, and that is what she did. Miley tells everyone why she does her charity. She said if any of her family were hurt, she would want to help them, so it is so much cooler to help someone else. They give the kids the bet result possible so she chose them, and now she is off loving this charity. She does many more other charities, but this is the most important.

        Miley has impacted me because she and her dad were very famous. Sometimes she got the role just because her dad was famous. Miley really did not like that. Miley wanted to get parts because she was a great actor and singer, not because she’s Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter. This of taught that you should not get specially treatment in any way, you should get because you earn it for who you are. That is how Miley impacted my life.

        Maybe Billy Ray Cyrus made Miley famous, but we will never know if that is true. What I do know is that she is a talented girl! She loves her fans, and will keep progressing. She will keep living her dream, and fantastic career and life! Miley’s life is one great one!







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