The Woods


I stroll into the woods

feeling terrified as ever.

I never want to do this,

ever again whatsoever.


I look everywhere,

as nervous as can be.

Before I can scream,

This is what I see.


Different colored poisons

with vampire bugs there.

This day was supposed to be a dream

not a nightmare.


Then all the scary things,

start to begin.

My friend talks to me

with a cunning grin.


Suddenly I see a bear

right behind a tree.

However right behind him

are a million honeybees.


After that I run,

Sprinting to the house.

But then, I trip and fall

And see a squeaky little mouse.


I lay on the ground

Like a dead bear.

I then look and see my friends

Gasping for air.


The bear wasn’t real

It was just a friend.

Please let this be a dream

cause I want it to end.


They were laughing and chuckling

As you can see.

But all that stopped

When there was a bee.


The bee went down and down

Inside his underwear.

But he never knew

That it was even there.


His pants just fell down

Right in a rush

The laughs turned into

A silent little rush.


Then he started blushing,

This was not fun.

It was the opposite

cause I was the laughing one.


Before I was scared

And never thought that this was real

I really thought that I would die

But it was no big deal.


Because of that little bee,

They got what they deserve.

The next time I come here

This place will be on reserve.


By: Althea