Dear Uncle Dan,

Have you ever been to an amazing, sensational, and mouth watering restaurant were you could just be you? Well I have. One reason you should go to this amazing restaurant is because you are always working. Another reason you should go to this phenomenal restaurant is because you wouldnít want people to lose there life paying jobs! In addition the food is amazing and it is not as expensive as other restaurants. As you can see there are many reasons why you should go to this amazing restaurant good food, helping people not lose there jobs, non-expensive, and most important of all enjoy yourself.

Well, first of all you deserve to have a time were you should not have to worry about work or anything else. Wouldnít it be nice to have a break once in a blue moon? If so keep reading. For example you could go maybe once a month and release your inner thoughts. More over, you and your friends could go and speak to each other about how you have been doing, when you should meet up, or even just about what you might be doing over the next month or two. Further more, just a time to meet up with your friends you do or do not see a lot.It will feel as if the abundant of worry would just dissolve away. Just imagine it, like a dream come alive. Itís fair; itís what you make it.

††††††††† Did you ever guess how many people could lose there jobs if the restaurant does not make money? Well an abundance of poor inanest people would. For example I bet half of them have children and if they lose this job, they may not be able to buy food for the child or children. Just imaging if one of the workers child has cancer they may not be able to pay for the treatment the child may need. Wow, that poor little sick child having to suffer of his or her disease or sickness. Come on help this helpless childís live there lives. Just think about the children help them be a hero.

††††††††† Why donít you use common sense along with all of the other reasons? For example, there is amazing food and the prices are not so high. In fact, you are able to get an all you can eat ribs for just around twenty dollars! If you went to a different ribs place a decent meal would cost you at least twenty five dollars. Yet the ribs arenít half as good. In addition, an ordinary rib place the place the bread they serve you before your meal is dull, disgusting, horrifying bread. Not here, here you are served garlicky, buttery, soft garlic knots! When you bite into the knot the garlic and butter will fill in you mouth. The outstanding food and super prices hopefully will have your mind running wild.

You would be out of your mind if you didnít want to go and try the sensational food, outstanding prices, and friendly workers at, Big Ends Ribs. The friendly people will most likely put a smile on your face while you are enjoying the sensational food, and super prices. Lastly I have a feeling that you will want to go to this amazing restaurant. Big Edís Ribs.