Dear Mom,

I think that it is time to get me a cell phone. I know, I know. You

completely disagree with me. However, there are many reasons why I should get one. For starters, I deserve one. Another reason is that, since you talk on the house phone for work all day, I can never talk to my friends. In addition to that, there will be a time when I need to communicate with you. As you can see, owning a cell phone is important to me.

††††† If you are about to decline my plea for a cell phone, then think about my hard work in school. Think about the Aís on my report card. Think about my effort that gets me those Aís. Donít I deserve a little treat? In fact, if it helps your thinking, think of me like Otis! You give him an occasional treat, so what about me? Arenít I more important to you? With my extraordinary school work, it is only fair that I get a cell phone.

††††† Sign this check, pay this bill, write that report. You talk on the house phone like a camel drinks water! That is another reason why I need a cell phone. I know you talk on the phone for work and you need to accomplish your tasks, but I never get to talk to my friends. They always text each other, but I get left out. I feel like Iím drifting away from them like a plastic bag in a feeble wind; Iím beginning to feel lonely. Perhaps I wouldnít feel that way if I had a cell phoneÖ

††††† If I had a cell phone, I could communicate with you easily. If there was ever an issue, I could call you up as fast as lightning. For example, what happens if I ever get lost or there is an emergency? What happens if there is a mishap with my getting home from school? You see, getting me a cell phone is actually better for my safety. Donít you want me to be as safe as possible? I know I would want my daughter to have a cell phone so she could be safe.

††††† Although you may think otherwise, I am in need of and ready for a cell phone. I could get in touch with you like 1, 2, 3. My school work is the best that it can be, and I deserve a small reward for it. Not to mention that I am beginning to feel isolated from my friends because I never talk to them outside to school. Please, find it in your heart to buy your hopeful daughter a cell phone.