Merry Christmas



Food, family, presents

oh so much to adore.

Dancing, playing, singing

happiness and more.


When you see your presents,

you’ll be filled with glee,

and prance around so crazy,

and jump so joyfully.


I adore Christmas music,

it is the best.

But those sad slow tunes

put me to rest.


One of my favorite things to do,

is gaze at the tree.

It is better than life itself,

but that is just hyperbole.


What really gets to me,

is Rudolph’s red nose.

I always did wonder,

do reindeer wear clothes.


Santa is the bomb.

Have you seen his big belly?

He must go hard,

 on the peanut butter and jelly.


Clam sauce and linguini,

eggplant parmesan,

if you don’t like this,

clearly you’re a moron.


I don’t mean to be rude,

but my feelings for Christmas are strong.

I love my holiday spirit,

because it lasts all Christmas long.