Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson is more than a normal singer or a guy on television. He is a magical guy, in his magical world. He is effective, talented, inspiring, and truly amazing. On august, 29, 1958, a star was born.

Katherine and Joseph Jackson were the parents of Michael along with his four brothers: Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy. Daddy’s little girls were LaToya, Janet, Maureen, and Jackie. As a kid, Michael loved music.

In 1969, him and his four other brothers formed a band called the Jackson five. Because of that, his father pushed him very hard. Also they were traveling a lot, and Michael did not have a normal childhood. No school, no playing in the park, no sleepovers, just singing, singing, and more singing! Michael was also known for a solo artist, with lots of hits. Some include, “Ben“, “Got to be there“, and “Rockin Robin“. Soon later, he was dubbed the “King of Pop”

Michael was overwelmed with his fame and definitely his image. Because of that, he had many plastic surgeries, wich made him look much different. He had two xwifes and their names were Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley. With them he had three beautiful children. Sadly, at age fifty, 2009, Michael died of an overdose of propofall wich led to heart failure.

Even though he was considered a rich and famous, he was not selfish. In fact, he has done eighteen different charities, Some include colleges for African people, and even donated money to the Ronald Mcdonald house. He also brought joy to fans when he released new albums or songs.  It allowed them to get off there couch and move their feet to his music. Michael has clearly been effective and helpful and definitely made an impact on peoples live even