On October 9, 1940 John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool, England. He began going to school when he was four and also got his first school uniform. His mom’s name was Julia and his dad’s name was Fred but everyone called him Freddie. Julia and Freddie then divorced and Julia died when John was 18. Because his mom and dad divorced, John lived with Aunt Mimi who did many activities with him including teaching him how to play the guitar. If Aunt Mimi weren’t there, John’s life would have been a disaster. He went to Liverpool Art College and made two friends named Cynthia Powell and Stuart Sutcliffe. Soon after, Cynthia married John and lived a happy life for several years until John met Yoko Ono, a Japanese woman. John had two kids named Julian and Sean. On December 8, 1980 John was walking out of his apartment in New York when he got shot by a 25 – year old man named Mark David Chapman. Chapman was sentenced to jail for 20 years for killing John. John had a tragic death.

John Lennon was very famous. He joined a band called the Beatles with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best who then died and Ringo Star. The Beatles were discovered at the Cavern Club in 1961 by a man named Brian Epstein. When John was with the Beatles, he wrote many songs especially with Paul. Mostly all of the songs by the Beatles were created by John and Paul. Some of the songs the Beatles wrote were “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, and “Help.” My favorite by John Lennon is “Imagine.” The Beatles were in many movies. One of those movies was called Help. Sometimes he would sing with Yoko, his wife. John created the Plastic Ono Band. He was as famous as famous can be and he was a great musician who had lots of #1 hits.

Lennon had many impacts on people’s lives. Women adored him and loved when he sang. He was the man of the 1960s who made every fan of the Beatles sleep at record stores in England over night to purchase one of his albums. The Beatles would not have as many songs as they did in all their years of being together. John inspired people to “Give Peace a Chance” like his song. If John weren’t around, my dad wouldn’t own as many Beatles songs. He made an impact on my grade in school because I would not be writing a report on a good person like John Lennon. I would be writing it on someone else like Elvis. Anyway, John made lots of changes for people’s lives.

John’s life was remarkable and admirable. He loved helping people with things like raising their spirits about peace and that war is over. Many things about his band were remarkable like their singing and playing the guitar and other instruments. When he plays the guitar on my dad’s CD, I can’t resist dancing and singing to his lyrics. His life was so admirable because if it wasn’t, there would not be all of those facts above. I do not know anyone else that would put that much effort into his work. John had a remarkable and admirable life.

Finally, John taught many, many people an important lesson. He taught me to follow my dreams and to never give up on my work. I am sure that he taught other people that too. He also taught me that hours and hours of thinking for words to a song can lead to a great one! The Beatles followed those lessons and they had success. Perhaps I too will have success from following what John Lennon taught me.







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