††††††††† Arizona is a very interesting state!!!! To begin with, the state bird is the cactus-wren. Furthermore, the state flower is the Saguaro cactus blossom. In addition, Arizona has an unforgettable nick-name, the Grand-Canyon State. Everyone drives in the desert listening to the state song, Arizona. As you can see, Arizona is a very interesting state

Arizona has lots of land. Millions of years ago, the Colorado River started cutting through the Grand-Canyon. All of Arizonaís hot, dry, and wonderful deserts are covered in cactuses. Furthermore, there are lots of canyons in the Grand-Canyon State such as big, old Canyon de Chelly, and the world famous Grand-Canyon. Finally, Arizonans use the land by taking a nice walk through the deserts or a challenging hike to the Grand-Canyon.††††††

From the 2010 census, Arizona has an incredible population of 6,412,700 people. First of all, most Arizonans come from the Northern United States. In addition, about ľ of the Grand-Canyon Stateís population is Hispainic. Next, 230,000 Arizonans are Native Americans. The largest Native American tribes there are the Apache and the Navajo. All and all, Arizona has a large population that includes many cultures.

People have been living in Arizona for 12,000 years. For example, from 12,000 years ago till forever, Native Americans lived there. From 1539 to 1540, Spainerds took over the Grand-Canyon State. In addition, Arizona wanted to join the South ( TheConfederacy) during the Civil War. It couldnít because the North ( The Union) made it a US territory. Also, Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912. Itís the 48th state!! Arizona has a long history.

Lots of businesses are in Arizona. First of all, mules carry tourist to the Grand-Canyonís floor. About 5% of Arizonans are eitherfarmers, miners, or ranchers. Also, lots of Government workers work at either Yuma Proving Ground or Luke Air-Force Base. Other Arizonans work at universities such as University of Arizona, Arizona State University, or Northern Arizona University. All of these unique businesses make up the unique state of Arizona!

In conclusion, Arizona has a plethora of sights for tourists to see. One sight is the Monument Valley in the far, North-East corner. Tourists also visit Anisazi homes in Canyon de Chelly. Another amazing sight is the Petrified Forest National Park.