Dear Principal,

††††† Homework! Thatís all what teachers worry about! Homework! Why do we need it?What about time? If thereís no homework itíll give us more free time!

††††† Why do we need it? We could stroll by ourselves and ask the teacher like an adult asking a guide person for instructions to go somewhere. Donít teachers teach it in school? We already have school!

†††††† Teachers need to give us more free time. We can play fun games outside like tag or hide-and-seek. In addition, if we play games itíll give us more exercise. We could also volunteer to help homeless, people who have cancer, or animal shelter. You wouldnít want us to leave those miserable people and animals filled with somber and despair and let them die alone, thinking no oneís by their side. Finally, teachers need to give us a break! It might also give teachers less papers to correct.

††††††† You donít have time! Homework gives us no time to let us sway our eyes back and forth through papers or books to prepare for tests. It also takes away our time to hang with our friends!

††††††† Please! Please! Donít give us any homework! We all consent to this! It gives us more free time! Why do we need it? What about time? Please think about the reasons of not having any homework! Please! Donít you want to make our lives easier?