George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Pope’s Creek, Virginia. His proud parents were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington .George was an Episcopalian. That was his religion. He had an ancestry from England. He moved to Little Hunting Creek Farm, or what today is Mount Vernon. He had no neighbors. Maybe he got his adventurism from that. His father, Augustine, worked 30 miles away. Then, once again he moved to Ferry Farm. This is where he got his education, from private tutors. He liked arithmetic and was good at history and geography. He did poor in literature, languages and spelling. This is what went on for 7-8 years and when George was 11 Augustine died. George’s brother, Lawrence, took charge. Lawrence became ill, so George took him to the Barbados. This would be his only foreign trip, and he got small pox while he was there. When George got back to the colonies, Lawrence died of Tuberculosis. George became. He became a surveyor, a planter, a businessman, and a soldier in the French and Indian war. George was a messenger in the war and took care of the Native Americans. The natives gave him the name “Conotocarious” which means Town Taker. After that, he decided to fight in the Revolutionary war. When he was 22, he already was a lieutenant colonel. He was a wise leader who used his experience against the British. He succeeded! When he returned home, to his lovely estate, he was the most famous American-born soldier in the U.S.A. He was wanted by his country to be president. At 57 years old he had his inauguration speech. His first lady was Martha Custis and his vice president. George was re-elected and John Adams was vice president again. George adopted 2 family members from Martha’s side. He passed away of pneumonia on December 14, 1799.

George was famous because of his everlasting defeat over the British powerhouse in the Revolutionary war. He was famous for using his wise leadership which led him to his win. He was the most famous soldier after the Revolutionary war. He was the developer of our country and elected president twice. He even presided over the Constitution. His death was the death of the great father of America.

The United States of America was impacted by George in numerous ways. He led the Revolutionary war and America freedom from the United Kingdom. The impact would have been different if that didn’t happen. He was actually recognized very well in 1780 for being a soldier born in the U.S. that got him known. He was also known as president. That made a great impact. He made laws for the U.S. that are still affecting us today. He was even there, presiding over the writing of the Constitution. When he died people said “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen”.

This is what truly made him have a remarkable life. He was a major in the colonial army is noticed impossible, but also making laws for the country? He even has towns, parks, schools, streets, monuments, and a state named after him. He was such a magnificent president. He is a true leader, hero, president, lawmaker, and a person. And to deliberate how much America would have varied without him {if there was America}!