Erich Weiss had a great life. Erich Weiss was born March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary. His parents were Celicia and Samuel Weiss. His father was a Jewish rabbi that led a Jewish Congregation. Erich adored his mother and did anything and everything she asked. Every one in the family could speak, read, and, write in Hungarian and German. They were a poor family and it was hard to raise a family on a rabbi salary.

Erich moved to Appleton Wisconsin, where he claims he was born. After a while he moved to Milwaukee at age eight where he sold news papers, shined shoes, and brought home every penny he got. When he didn’t work, he practiced his amazing acrobatic stunts. He started performing in front of an audience at age nine. Eventually he moved to New York when he was 13 years old in1887. He worked as a delivery boy, a messenger, a sweeper, and a photographer. There was no law that kids couldn’t work at his time but kids got a smaller pay than adults. One day after Christmas he got fired as a messenger but hired as a necktie cutter.

Erich got interest about being on the athletic team. He became a fine runner and he learned how to swim; but his real pation was magic. He took his stage name as Harry Houdini from his hero Robert Houdin and from his nickname Erie. He learned about locks to master his lock skill. He practiced his lock skill on his mom’s lock to get her pies. In 1884 he met a female singer named Bess Rahner. He then fell in love with her and got married in the summer. Most of his tricks involved local police strip searching him and locking him in jail to show. Other tricks involved strait jackets, water filled tanks, and crates under water. He had a life long struggle because in 1898 he thought about quitting magic. Much later he sent out a catalog of Harry Houdini’s School of Magic. As he performed his stunts, he got the attention of Martin Beck who changed his life long journey.

In 1913 he fainted then cried uncontrollably when he heard that his mother died. After his mother died he started to reinventing himself and coming with new and better ideas. Then one day he got punched in the appendix as a test of strength. He had his appendix removed but not before an infection came. He still lived for a few days, but sadly he died on Halloween October 31.

Erich Weiss took his stage name as Harry Houdini. He started his career in1891. He makes a magic team with his brothers. He learned how to swallow swords by controlling his throat. He learned how to be an escape artist. Erich switched his brother with a friend named Jacob Hyman. 1892 his dad died and Erich left his family to go on the road.

Erich’s fame grew throughout the world. He developed more and more spectacular stunts and he amused people in so many ways. He was the greatest magician. His most spectacular trick was the Chinese Water Torture Cell. In 1893he became a famous magician. His brother Dash replaced Hyman but not for long. Erich got booked in Vaudeville for his act. In 1899 he caught his big break. He was a high paid performer by showing every one that he can escape from anything. He drew his feet to escape hand cuffs. He was a true star. He thrilled his audience. He had incredible abilities to get out of impossible situations. No one can get out of things like he could. Erich is a great magician. Erich entertained people by showing everyone that he can escape from anything. He had a bond of every lock, hand cuff, strait jacket, and sealed chest under water. He exposed all spiritualists. He led the way to all illusionists. He made people fascinated in magic and inspired people to be magicians. He left the library of congress his library of magic, one of the most completed and valuable in the world.

Erich is remarkable for many things. He can open any lock the world. He can get out of any hand cuff in his time. He was a famous magician and won many medals. He finally won fame throughout the world.

Erich was admirable for many things. He was so confident. He was unique, talented, and he is so motivated in many ways. He was an exclusive American, a terrific escape artist, and a fantastic showman.