401 Lloyd Road

Aberdeen, NJ 07747

December 12, 2007




Hobby Shop

1077 State Route 34# c

Mattawan, NJ 07747



To Whom It May Concern:


I love your breyer horses. It is so cool how you have jumps, riders, halters, blankets, stables, and a lot more accessories for the horses. I always want one because you have so many breeds like appaloosas, pintos, paint horses, stallions, mares, Clydesdales and more horses. You even have horses from books and movies.


Always when my mom lets me get a toy, I always want to go to the extraordinary Hobby Shop because I want a breyer horse. But I get a craft instead because my mom says the horses are too much. I get a craft because you have the best ones. You have things you can paint, you have experiments, you have stuff to build, and just plain fun stuff. I might buy a webkinz to. I think you should lower the prices on the breyer horses because now its Christmas and people will want them but if the prices are high people will go somewhere else. If you lower the prices, people will buy them. Then, if the people notice the prices are low they will buy more things in the store.


I suggest you should get Nintendo DS games because every one loves them. You will also get more money. DS games are good too because they are so popular. You will also get more customers. Thank you for reading my letter.






Danielle Kulyk