401 Lloyd Road

Aberdeen NJ 07747

December 5, 2007





Deninos pizza Place

1077F State Hwy 34 N# 34

Matawan, NJ 07747



Dear Mr. Denino:


Deninos has the best pizza in town. Your food is amazing. The cheese melts in my mouth along with the delicious tomato sauce. The back room looks like a five star restaurant. The chairs feel like couch cushions, and the food is out in no time.


Your prices are high though. Iíve been noticing your business is going down. I think itís because of your prices. If you lower them, maybe you will get more business. Another thing is you have no deals. Dominos has the 555 deal. Maybe if you got deals like these you would get more business. People donít like high prices, but they do like good deals. If you want your business back my ideas will help you.






Michael Toomey ††