401 Lloyd Road

Aberdeen, NJ 07747

December 12, 2007





Walmart Store #2825

1126 Route 9

Old Bridge, NJ 07747



Dear Sir or Madam:


Walmart has the best gadgets in the world. At other stores itís so expensive. I love your pillows because of how soft it is. The pillows feel like down and they make great display. Another thing I love is your food. I also like how your aisles are neat. Walmartís toys are the best. If a kid has nowhere to go I would say come to Walmart.


There are some things you can fix. You can have more bathrooms so when I have to use it I donít rush there. I would love if you make more shelves for tech decks. About last week my game Bully broke. I would except if you replace it because I got it for my birthday.






Victor Jamandron