The Golden state, also known as California, is a state filled with wonders. It has many sites that attract tourists like how bees are attracted to pollen. To start off, California became a state on September 9th, 1850, and got its name, the Golden State, when miners discovered that California was a gold mine, literally! The state animal of California is a grizzly bear. I bet anyone could guess that just by looking at the golden stateís flag, The Bear flag Revolt. To conclude, California is the largest populated state of the whole United States according to the U.S 2010 Census with a mind blowing number of 37,341,989 Californians.

As many states have their ups and downs, of course California has its owns. And the biggest problems in California are earthquakes. There are so many earthquakes, that almost everyday, earth is quaking under your feet. You might not feel them, but there are definitely earthquakes. Aside from earthquakes, The Golden State is the third biggest state competing with Alaska and Texas. As I said before, California is filled with gold below the surface, which is probably why people in The Golden State are swimming in money.

Speaking of people, California is mixed with people around the world. What I thought was pretty cool is that Hispanic people are the most amount of people who come from a foreign country. 30% of California is from the Hispanic population to be exact. Today in California, still 340,000 Natives still live in The Golden State, hidden in the forests. Finally, 10% of the population in California is Asian.

California might not seem like it has much history since it was the 31st state to be a part of the United States, California has lots of history. To begin with, California had four different tribes, which include the Yuma, Maidu, Pomo, and the Miwok. Furthermore, many colonists came to The Golden State for a better life and job, which is probably the time the gold rush happened, which is when someone found out California was stocked with gold and many came to find the gold, which is probably why many colonists came to California

The Business of California is as strong as its economy. Since California is the most populated state, the economy is the biggest for the Golden State. The reason why? Maybe because more than 2 million people work for the government! Thatís more than any other state in America; maybe even put together they canít outnumber California! The golden State also has a place called Silcon Valley where they make computers and its components. I bet Bill Gates is at California and he is probably literally swimming in money.

††††††††††† As I said before California is a place that attracts tourist, now you might join them after you hear about the sites. To begin with, California has Disney Land which is great for the whole family with rides, hotels, and my favorite, food! And no, I am not sponsored by Disney. Hollywood is also a very famous place if youíre going to be a part of anything on TV. Hollywood has a lot of sites, but whatís more important then the giant Hollywood sign, I mean really. One of the final sites that are very popular in California is LA a.k.a Las Angeles. I donít even have to explain, all you have to do is look at it and you will be shocked at how beautiful it is. Lastly, California still has many more beautiful places, but youíre going to have to enjoy them yourself.