Dear Mommy,

Don’t you just miss the old days when we could ride whenever we want? I bet you do because I know that I miss it. One reason we should get a horse is because I won’t bother you. I know how I am always complaining how I want to go horseback riding, but we wouldn’t have that problem if I had a horse.  In addition, you and I will both have an enjoyable time with the horse. Furthermore, I will take care of the horse. We would have an amazing time if we got a horse. All in all, everyday would be like paradise if we got a cute, cuddly, white as fluffy snow animal called a horse.

          If you are considering not getting me a horse keep in mind that I wouldn’t be bugging you. For example, if I wasn’t annoying you, you would be able to study and get your class work done faster. Then, you would be able to sit down and watch that favorite show of yours. You can also have a bowl of creamy, cold, sweet vanilla ice cream. Before I go to the farm I will do my homework and I promise that I will keep up my amazing grades. With my extra time I will help clean around the house. Also, maybe if I wasn’t at the house all the time the boys would find a way to get along with each other. Then, there would be no fighting and you could study a little more and get a better grade on one of your hard tests. Then, you could become a better nurse. In conclusion, getting a horse would be good for everyone in the house.

          If I had a cute, cuddly, sweet animal it would bring our relationship closer. For example, we could go on trails together on sunny days. We could also go to farms for shows. That would give us both a great opportunity to win more ribbons and maybe even go farther in riding then I have ever gone. Furthermore, getting a horse would give you a chance to get back on a horse. If we did get a horse, it would bring back many loving memories of when Comfrey would run up to all of the horses on trails and how he would jump so softly over the fences as his silvery white hair floated in the cool, windy air. We could also show our amazing creativity when it is time to name the horse. Hence, getting a horse would make our relationship closer.

          Another reason I should get a horse is that I would take care of it. Every morning at 6am I will get up, go outside, feed my horse, and give her a big kiss on her nose. When I get home from school I will brush her so that she is as clean as snow blanketing the December grass. Every two weeks I will give my horse a cool bath. However, I will also save up my money for the hooves cleaner to come. Not only will I take care of my horse but I will take care of my riding gear, too. Before riding lessons, after riding lessons, and before and after shows I will shine my boots, helmet, chaps, saddle, and I will wash my pants. If I got a horse I promise I will make her healthy!

                              So mommy, now that I have given my fair reasons I believe it’s time for you to make a tough yet life changing decision. But of course you do remember my reasons; if I had a horse I wouldn’t annoy you, it would give us a chance to bond, and I would take care of it. Now that my reasons are fresh in your mind it’s time to tell me…what do you think?