Thomas Edison

                                                                                         By: Chris


We all know there are many great inventors, like Steve Jobs and Orval Wright. However, who is the greatest inventor? Today we are going to talk about him. His name is Thomas Edison, the world’s greatest inventor.

Thomas Alva Edison was welcomed to the world on February 11th, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He went to school for three months because the schoolmaster thought he asked too many questions. Thomas’s mother knew he had great intelligence and she home schooled him. As an older boy at 12, he worked at the Grand Trunk RR as a newsboy on the trains. When he worked there, he saved the stationmaster’s two-year-old son from a boxcar. He was then shown how to use the stations telegraph. Thomas was married twice, to Mary Stillwell in 1871 and Mina Miller in 1886.Mary died at age 29 but they had three children. When he was married to Mina Miller, the two had three kids.                            

Thomas moved to Boston to work. He often had time to make inventions because there were not many telegraph calls. In 1869, he finished his first invention, a machine that automatically counted votes. Sadly, nobody bought his machine. Thomas didn’t give up and quit his job as a telegrapher to become an inventor. In 1870, success came his way. He sold an improved stock ticker [Stock price calculator,] to the western union company for $40,000. In 1877, he made the phonograph or recorder on accident. He worked on the phonograph for 20 years and made a doll with a phonograph in it. Children turned a crank and the doll sounded as if it was talking. People started calling Thomas “The Wizard of Menlo Park.” His most famous invention the electric light bulb was finished in 1879. They tested many filaments until they finally found the one. It was made of partly burned sewing thread and soon everyone used Thomas’ light bulbs.

Thomas Edison can live up to the title, “The Worlds Greatest Inventor.” Thomas invented for good, he helped Louisiana Purchase Native Americans by putting an invention he made in their outhouses to keep them sanitary. He also sold inventions to make people’s lives easier. Thomas made electric light bulbs because oil and gas ones often burned down houses. On top of that, he made a stock ticker that took pain out of finding stock prices .I think you would be convinced that Thomas was a good soul.

Thomas changed the entire world for the better. Thomas made many things easier. An individual man changed the whole world. That man is Thomas Alva Edison, the man who changed life with the flick of a switch.        







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