Dear Mom,

Hey mom I have a great idea for my birthday. I know how you spend up to $500.00 to $700.00 dollars on my party, but this year I want something different. It will be fun and in addition we get to see family. I want tickets, but not just any kind of tickets. I want plane tickets. Plane tickets to Georgia to see your parents, sisters, nieces, and nephews.

††††††††† We should go to Georgia for many different reasons. One is we get to see family and spend time with them. Another is that they live 10 minutes from six flags and the water park, and they live 15 minutes from Dorney Park. It wouldnít be fair if you donít let me go and see my favorite cousin. And you wonít be able to see your two sisters, and your parents. Tell me howís thatís fair.

††††††††† I havenít seen my cousin and aunts in three whole years and I miss them dearly. Remember how close you and your sisters were. Donít you miss that? I know I miss being close with my cousin. We use to hang out almost every weekend and play bored games and cards and pokeno.

††††††††† Whoís the one who always Sais thereís no time like family time? Thatís you youíre the one who always Sais that. I also thought of a fair way you and dad can split half and half. We both know that you miss playing cards and pokeno with them. Now we have a solution.

††††††††† Donít all these amazing things make you want to go to Georgia? Water Park, beach, pools, and amusement parks. So go online and go buy those tickets and before you no it we will be on a plane to Georgia and relaxing on the beach with our family.