Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935. He was 1 half of twins but 1 was stillborn making him an only child. His mom’s name is Gladys and his dad’s name is Vernon. As Elvis was growing up, his family was poor. Elvis’s family was very religious. On his 11th birthday, he wanted a bike but they couldn’t afford it so got a guitar. Elvis said that his mom was his best girl. Then he got married but sadly later got a divorce. 

Elvis is famous because he was the king of rock ‘n’ roll. He was also a movie star! Elvis was in 3 movies called Love Me Tender, Loving You, and Jailhouse rock. One of his records, Heartbreak Hotel, became number one in the United States of America. He also got signed to RCA records and wrote a lot of number one hits and records. He traveled around the country and played concerts. Girls loved him so much. One of his best hit ever is Hound Dog. Elvis also was on the Ed Sullivan Show. Elvis was a great singer. 

He made an impacted on people’s lives. Adults were shocked about his inappropriate movements. People didn’t like the fact that Elvis died from drugs. Elvis also inspired people to sing. Also girls loved him and his concerts. He also married a girl 11 years younger than himself. He had an impact on European Performers.

Some things were remarkable and admirable about Elvis. Elvis was in the army, a singer, and a movie star! Elvis won 3 golden discs. Elvis joined the army when he was still a music star. Elvis became the most popular rock singer. He was in the army, a singer, a guitar player, and a movie star!

Elvis taught lessons in his life. 1 lesson was that people should not take drugs. Also hard work = success. Some times if you take drugs you can die early. Also practice makes perfect. When you grow up and you think you only have to do one thing, you don’t because Elvis didn’t.








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