Problem with the Dirt bike


One hot summer day, Brain was trying to get his bright yellow dirt bike started. His driveway, witch was as black as the night     sky, held his dirt bike up while he tried to start it. Brian’s dad came outside and asked

       “Is there gas in it?” Brian’s dad said with his long black beard.

       Brian impatiently checked the gas tank. It was as dry as wheat in a drought. The dirt bike must have been begging for gas.

       “Hey dad, do we have gas?”

       “We should, I’ll go check the shed. Oh wait I used it on the lawn mower.

       “Can we go n get more?”

       “Why not.” so, they both went to go get gas. They came back and mixed the oil and gas. They had to mix the gas because it is a two stoke. They had to mix a gallon of gas and 40.1 of oil. They put the mixed gas into the dirt bike.      

       “Hope this works”, Brian said. Brian kicked it and it started. “Yes “, Brian shouted. “Dad, can we go riding?”

       “sure.”, brains dad said. So the two of them went riding. When they got there, they unloaded the bike and started riding.