Harry the Hedgehog

On a warm summer morning Harry the Hedgehog woke up and took a big stretch . Harry, with his short brown prickly fur and brown eyes, lumbered out of his damp brown log to look for some breakfast. Worms, beetles, and snails were Harry’s favorites. Harry looked and looked and looked but he couldn’find any.

      He then walked down by Swana Wana Ding Dong Pond to look for something to eat. As he peered down at the crystal clear blue water he saw a small black minnow. Harry thought about catching a fish but then the minnow swam away as fast as mako shark. Then he thought that the fish were to fast. As Harry strolled deeper into the forest he spotted a huge apple tree as tall as a giraffe wearing a top hat. Harry thought about getting a apple but the tree was to tall that he couldn’t reach it. As Harry strolled deeper into the forest he saw a big blueberry bush as big as his log. The bush had big, plump, juicy blueberries. Harry ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. As soon as he got to that blueberry bush he immediately started to gobble down all the blueberries. Once he was down he lumbered back to his damp, brown log to go back to sleep. At that moment Harry knew that hard work goes a long way.