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Dear Sarah,

You need to get one. Yah! You know what Iím talking about. A dog! You and your dad love dogs. They are so cute and tiny. It makes lots of sense to get a dog. Nobody could hate dogs!

††††††††† You and your dad love dogs. If you want a dog you should be able to get one. Your dad should get one because he likes them. Since he lets Shadow over, isnít it time you should have one? Yes!

††††††††† Shih Tzuís are so cute and small. They have such a cute face with there tiny wet noses. They also are only like a foot long. If there small they wonít eat a lot of food; that means itís not a lot of money. Shadow is big and fluffy. What about small and fluffy. Why wouldnít you get one?

††††††††† It makes more sense then you think. If your family loves dogs, get one. Dogs are so playful and friendly. Besides that you canít play tug of war with Shih Tzuís. But they could play soccer with you like my dog. It could be Mochaís best friend.

††††††††† Therefore, get one! Yes a dog, nothing else. You love dogs and so does your dad. Dogs are minute and cute. Why wonít you get a dog? There is no reason not to. If you, I mean when you get one you should get a Shih Tzu. Now go and get one!


Your BFF,