A great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847.his mother’s name was Nancy Edison, and his father’s name was Samuel Edison .Thomas Edison’s mother was a teacher and a daughter of a minister. Thomas’ father owned a mill and made wood shingles. Thomas was the seventh and the last child Nancy Edison gave birth to .The Edisons moved to Port Huron, Michigan in 1854.  Thomas was very curious. He got very sick and had scarlet fever he didn’t start school until he was eight years old. The school he went to had only one room and was taught by a reverend and his wife. Thomas’ mom got Thomas out of school because his teacher called Thomas something bad. His mother taught him things he should have been learning in school. A few years later Thomas started experimenting with chemicals in his room. In 1858 turned 11 years old.

When Thomas was 11, he started working out side with chemicals. A few months later Thomas started to like the invention of the telegraph made by Samuel F.B Morse. In 1858 Thomas made his own telegraph set, and stretched the wire to his friend’s house a half mile away. One year later, in 1859, a railroad line opened connecting Port Huron with Detroit. Thomas got a job as the “candy butcher” on the train. One day Thomas missed the train and the conductor pulled Thomas up by his ear and something cracked.  

Thomas started loosing his hearing. He found out his deafness was caused by his scarlet fever.

       Thomas started doing experiments on the train. One day he dropped a chemical on the train and it caused small fire. The conductor put it out. In 1861 the civil war broke out and Thomas started selling newspapers about it. In 1862 Thomas did an amazing thing by saving a kid’s life, and as a reward Thomas got taught telegraphy.

       In 1863 Edison started being a part-time telegraph operator   in Port Huron. In 1896 he made a big decision and became a full time inventor. Thomas Alva Edison married one of his employees on December 25 1871. Thomas’ wife had three children named William Leslie, Thomas Alva, Jr. and Marion Estelle. Thomas called William dot and Thomas Alva, Jr. Dash. Thomas’ poor mother died in 1871. After Thomas’ mother’s death Thomas’ 29 year old wife died. To prevent his loneliness he got married again to Mina Miller on February 24, 1886. Thomas’ wife had the same number of children as his first wife. In 1914 a fire destroyed Thomas’ lab. His best friend Henry Ford helped rebuild the lab. After all the great inventing sadly 84 year old Thomas Edison died on October 18, 1931 in Llewellyn Park, New Jersey.

       Everybody knows Thomas Edison for the light bulb, but that is not the only reason why he is famous. Thomas Edison had a lab in Menlo Park. On June 1 1868 he was granted his first patent for an electric vote recorder. Thomas decided to open a company called Consolidated Edison (Con-Ed). In 1879 Thomas made one more invention and called it the phonograph. It was a special invention because you needed to hear the phonograph and Thomas Edison was deaf. In 1879 Thomas Edison made an important part of the light bulb called the carbon filament. In 1880 Edison hired a larger staff to help him invent. In 1887 Mr. Edison moved his lab to West Orange, NJ. Thomas Edison was known all over Menlo Park for his inventions as the “Wizard of Menlo Park...”

       Thomas Edison had an impact on people by his inventions. In 1870 he invented an electric printing telegraph. Also in 1870 he made the telegraph transmitting instrument. It helped people by recording the dots and the dashes so they wouldn’t have to remember them. One year later he invented the telegraphic recording instrument, so people would be safe.

       Thomas Edison’s life was remarkable and admirable because he was a full time inventor. He also he also invented more then 34 useful inventions.  Thomas Edison was granted more than 200 patents for telegraph things. He made people’s lives easier by inventing the light bulb so they wouldn’t have to waste oil for the lamps and their houses wouldn’t catch on fire. He was the greatest inventor because he only invented helpful thongs light bulb. His final admirable thing was he had the greatest industrial leader in history because he had a company that was enormous, made a lot of money a year, and never ran out of business.