Milton Hershey

By Diego


Milton Hershey was the first to make chocolate in the US while it was still new in Europe. His greatness starts here. Milton Hershey was born on September 13, 1857.he live with his mom and dad named Franny and Henry in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Most families like Milton’s belong to the Mennonite region. He dressed plainly and did lots of farm work, too.                                                              

As a growing boy, Milton left school at 13 like most kids. He got a job at a printing press. From his clumsiness, he was fired. His mother felt sad for him because the printing press was just too hard for Milton. She did her best to find a job for him at a place he has to like. Then she got him a job for him at Royer’s ice cream and candy shop. As he got older, he has some failures but then his failures turn into success. Not only that but he gets married to Catherine “kitty” Sweeney and had no kids.                                      

Before he even met kitty, he started his own candy business at 18. Sadly, after 6 years, he closed his shop for good because he was not making as much money to pay for sugar and materials. After that, he went to Denver and got a job selling caramels. Milton loved his job but he still wanted to have his own business. Therefore, after a few months, he went to three different states to sell his candy but in each one, he always fails. Milton only had enough money to leave to Lancaster. After he arrived, a friend gave him a place to stay and enough money to start his last business. He came up with an idea of a caramel business in reminder of his last job in Denver. He pushed a shopping cart around town and sold his caramels house by house. Then 1 day a traveler from England came to Lancaster and bought some of Milton caramels. They were so delicious that he placed an order. Milton still needed more money to make the order happen so he went to the bank and received 700$. He had to hire more workers and supplies. When the payment came, Milton made a bigger business. In 1893, there was a huge fair in Chicago. In 1 part of the fair, there were all these types of machines. Milton favorite 1 was the one that made cocoa beans and sugar into chocolate! As soon as he saw it, he knew that that machine would make him a happy man. When he returned to the factory, he was now making dark sweet chocolate. After he sold chocolate he visited many states that sold his chocolate. In New York, he met a salesgirl Catherine “Kitty” Sweeney. After they got married, he sold his caramel factory for $1,000,000. Then he moved back to Derry Townsville where he was born. He built his chocolate factory in the middle of a cornfield and also made milk chocolate. Then he wanted a bigger business so he built a factory as big as two football fields.                                                          

Later on kitty had an idea of making a school for orphan boys. They kept visiting the school. Then one day Kitty got ill and died. It was sad for Milton but he moved on. 30 years before he died Milton gave his fortune, which is $60,000,000 to charity and school.

In the end, Milton died on October 13, 1945. He was the first person to make chocolate in the United States. If it wasn’t’ for Milton we wouldn’t have any chocolate. Now everyone will remember the name Hershey.










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