Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez was born in New York on July 27, 1975. Lourdes and Victor Rodriguez were lucky to have this remarkable baseball player. Alex had couple of brothers and sisters; there names were Joe and Suzy. The 5 lived in Washington Heights, New York. His momís job was at a car factory; his dad bought a little store. When they got more money, they moved to the Dominican Republic.

While they were working there, something bad happened, there was business failure. Instead of moving to New York, they moved to Miami, to start a better life. While Alex was getting older, his dad moved out. Alex also played 2 different sports, football and basketball. Alex had 2 heroes, Cal Ripken Jr. and Dale Murphy. He went to 2 high schools: Christopher Columbus and West Minister High-School. After school he would go to the boys and girls club. When he was in West Minister, he played for the top ranked team, the West Minister Warriors. He graduated high school in 1993. When he was drafted to the Seattle Mariners, Miami University wanted him on the school team. Alex married his high-school girlfriend, Cynthia Scurtis, in 2002. He got his daughter, Natasha, in 2004. Now Alex plays golf on days that he doesnít have games.

This really good baseball player was drafted to the Seattle Mariners in 1993. He was not ready to play in the Majors so he played in the minors for 2 years. This future hall of famer played the whole season in his first year! When he was playing, he got the nickname A-Rod. After the season he won the batting title. His number was 3 because Dale Murphy was number 3. On June 12,1995he hit his first homerun off of Tom Gordan. While Alex was playing he got offered $252 million to play for the Texas Rangers in 2002.

When he started playing, he was named the team captain for the Rangers. After the 2002 season, he won the Gold Glove Award. The 2nd year he played for the Rangers, he won the Most Valuble Player award. While he was playing for the Rangers, he beat the record for the most homeruns by a shortstop. When he was 28, he was traded to the New York Yankees. He joined the prestigious 40-40 club. It is a club for people who got 40 steals and 40 homeruns. Alex won the Gosh Gibson award. The award is an award that recognizes the America League home-run king. It was amazing he won the Hank Aaron award 3 years in a row. It is an award that means he is the leagues top offensive player. Alex also won the gold glove 2 years in a row. A-Rod is the youngest player to hit 400 and 500 home-runs.

The most home-runs he ever hit was 57. The most hits he ever got was 141, and the most runs he batted in was 156. One year he got 100 walks. Lastly, his largest average was .358.

He made a number of impacts in his lifetime. First, he makes people really happy for being on the team. A-Rod made the Grand-Slam for kids program, which helps kids do better in math, reading, physical fitness, and good citizenship. Alex also made the Alex Rodriguez foundation which teaches kids to care for their community as much as themselves. Lastly, he inspires kids to play baseball.

His life is remarkable and admirable by the following reasons. First, he won the Batting Title and the Player of the Year award. That is remarkable because nobody really wins 2 awards in their first year. He played excellent that year. In his lifetime he won so many awards. That is remarkable because it is so hard to win that many awards. This baseball player will soon be in the hall of fame. He made 2 foundations which is admirable because usually people make 1 foundation. Finally, it is amazing that he made it on the Yankees.