Oscers And Belles Adventers


On Sunday morning Oscer woke up and made his way into Belles room and wakes up bell his charming  wife. “Bella” “Bella” are u up ?

“ Yes” what is it Honny. “To day there is a running race and I need a ride to the local police  stacion to sin up for  he big race.Will you run me ther so I can sin up for the raceand when I get back I will make us egg whites and tost. For breftes.

A hour later when Oscer came home he got out the gritlul and eggs .  Then he started  to make the eggs. When the eggs were done he putthe tost in the toster to have a snawich . He  put the eggs on the tost and gave it to his wife Bella. Then theysat down at  the dinner table and then ate the brefist.

It was tike for the big race and right before oscer  left he looked at the wether on his I phone. The werther was sunny. Oscer jumped on his wife back and she ran oscer to the race. Oscer was at the  starting line getting his number for the race. After he got his number he looked down the enormours 10 mile black top and was scerd that he will never finush  the never ending path way. When Oscer was looking he then looked up and saw the bright sky .

The race is about to start 5…4…3…2…1 green light green light green light go go go! Oscer started out fast as lighting. His big fat shell was slowing him down. Oscer lifted his head and saw Bella coming in . In a flash she was here to  take him to the finish line so he can win 10,000 dollars . Yes I won 10,000 dollars! Oscer ppy that won. was so ha