On November 23, 1992, Destiny Hope Cyrus was born. She was born in Franklin, Tennessee. When Destiny’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus started calling her Smiley or Miley, the whole family started calling her Miley. Miley’s mom is called Leticia Finley Cyrus, but people call her Tish. Miley loves acting, singing, dancing, cheerleading, playing the guitar, and writing music. Miley has 5 brothers and sisters. Their names are Brandi, Tracey, Christopher Cody, Braison Chance, and Noah. Miley adores animals. She has cows, chickens, dogs, cats, and horses. Her favorite dog is named Loco. Miley’s father calls her Lucille Ball. He calls her Lucille Ball because she was a comedian in the 1950’s. Miley loves going shopping with her mom, especially when she’s buying shoes. Miley is such a great person.

            Miley is really famous. She started being famous when her father was an actor and singer. She became famous when her father was an actor and singer because he would always put her on stage and he would always ask a director from his movies if Miley could be in it. Miley is also famous for being Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana is a very famous TV show. Almost everyone around the world watches it. People love Hannah Montana because she has a great voice. Miley also did many shows and movies. For example, her first movie was Big Fish. She has been in a lot more movies after that one. She also won best female singer in Nick Choice Awards 2009.

             People have a huge impact on Miley. She entertains people and she makes them happy. Miley entertains people by singing for them. Miley loves helping others. She even has time to go to the charity near her house. That is amazing because you don’t really hear stars helping charity. She gives people money if they need it. One time she signed a guitar for free for the children in the charity.

            Miley really impresses me. It is remarkable that she got chosen to be Hannah Montana out of 1,000 girls. It is remarkable because she had to work really hard to get the part of Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart. Another thing that is remarkable is that Miley grew up on a 500-acre farm. That is really impressive because you don’t here a lot of people with that much land. Lastly, something that is very remarkable is that she sold 1.6 million copies of a Hannah Montana album in 2 months. That means that a lot of people like Hannah Montana.

            I have learned many things from Miley. She never gave up. For example, she never gave up when she wanted to get the part of Hannah Montana. Another thing I learned from her is that hard work equals success. I also learned practice makes perfect. The most important thing I learned from Miley is that when you have a dream go for it. Miley Cyrus is a great person.





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