Being sick is terrible

Coughs, sneezes colds

Why do I get sick?

I know Ďcause Iím old


How I got sick

Iím not very sure

maybe someone sneezed

but I need a cure


Iím really sick today

My body is feeling terrible

I want it to go away

My pain is unbearable


Iím stuck in bed

Iím bored to death

Taking medicine

Before my next breath


No Iíve got a problem

Weíre going to the doctor
lets just say Iím scared

Of the big ugly proctor


Well here I am

In my bed crying

I wonder How she

Found out, Iím lying



She grounded me

The minute I got home

Was it my temperature,

The medicine or the truthful gnome


Whatever it was

I sure do regret it

The punishments hard

And I wont forget it