Ethan Chandler                                            June 18, 2013




                                    When Pigs Play Video Games



            “Oink,” Jeffrey snorted. Jeffrey was a pig that got board easily and lived in a barnyard. There were animals everywhere. “Oink, Baa, Moo,” the animals went. Jeffrey was no ordinary animal.

          “I wish I could play video games,” he said. All I do each day is eat sleep, and roll in mud.”

          He had a plan. Early in the morning he would go to Game stop and try all the games and after that he’d steel something. So he did that. At Game stop it felt like heaven accept with video games. “Oh boy” he yelled excitedly. He played every game there until he was so tired he fell and started sleeping like a little baby. The whole place was a mess. “I have lots of cleaning;” he said. Jeffery ran away as fast as a rocket. When he got back the sun wasn’t up yet so he fell asleep.

 When he woke up he told all his pig friends about the adventure he had had.

The next morning he went back to Game stop and stoll Ipods for him and all the other pigs. When the farmer is watching they can hide it. “NOOOOOOOO” he yelled. “Someone took all the Ipods”. The pigs all had a laugh about it. And they lived happily ever after; at least the pigs did but not the worker at Game stop.