Stepping up to a bully

John looks at his school playground, it is all new this year and the colors are very bright.As John is looking around at all the new things, he notices the new kid.His name is Harold. He has red hair and freckles. He is taller than John, and much thinner.He talks with a funny accent because he is from the south, South Carolina to be exact.All of a sudden, John heard what sounded like a fight. When he turned around, he saw a kid named Jack being a bully to Harold. When John walked over and heard jack making fun of Harold because he had red hair and freckles.He was calling him a carrot and other things. None of it was nice and John started to get mad.He walked over to Jack and told him to stop and that if he didnít, He was going to go tell the teacher on recess duty.Jack told John that he didnít care and went right back to teasing Harold. John told Harold to come with him and they both went to the teacher and told him everything that Jack was saying.The teacher went and took jack into the school. The next day, Jack went up to Harold and said he was sorry for everything he said and that he would never do it again. He said he got into trouble at school and at home, so he learned his lesson.