Benjamin Franklin was born on 1706. Being the 15th child out of 17 children he had a dream of being a sailor. He was stuck being educated for three years. After that he worked at a soap and candle making shop until he was 15 he was able to go to with his brother in a printing shop. He liked to make humorous poems in the paper. Then he made fun of a church. His brotherís print shop was closed down due to this incident. The print shop was left to Benjamin Franklin to have. After having it for 2 to 3 years he gave up because he did not like the fact that he had to pretend to own the print shop when his brother really made the newspapers. His brother became furious.

            Benjamin Franklin took aboard a ship to New York. There he would go have a visit Philadelphia and Pennsylvania the places he called home. He said it was about time because he had lived in Massachusetts all his life. There he started his own Print shop. He also tutored a woman named Deborah Reed. She could not read or write. Deborah changed her last name to Franklin. Eventually he married Deborah Franklin. He and his wife had three Children Sarah, William, and Francis Franklin. Franklin was the joy to his fathers life but unfortunately he died at age 4 from smallpox. William Franklin supported the British. While on the other side Benjamin Franklin Supported the Colonies.

            Benjamin Franklin was known as the Founding Father for his famous Pennsylvania Gazette and his Poor Richard Almanac. He took part in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin was a member of a special helping club called the Junto. He was also a Statesman. He also created The Police Department, The Fire Department, The Post Office, The Mail Delivery, The Hospital, and the Library. He made the Lightning rod, The Ben Franklin Stove, and Bifocal Glasses. He went to England to make the Pennís pay taxes for there property. He went to England a second time to spy on England and to stop the Taxes. He brought his son William Franklin and made him the royal governor of New Jersey. His Wife Died at the time.

            Benjamin Franklin went to England twice to help the colonies. He went to the Congress meeting every time in a wig during the hot weather. Benjamin Franklin helped people even through he was on the verge of dying. He helped write the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin helped make Inventions for this country such as the lightning rod to save people from fires. He also made many places to help people such as the library to read a severe amount of books.

            Benjamin Franklin taught me many lessons. He showed me how hard work = success when he built all his inventions. If you live up to your potential youíll succeed in life when he made many magazines, books, newspapers, and a glass harmonica he made himself. He also showed that if you donít give up and help youíll live a happy life and a happy death. Like when he helped people for three years even through he was at the verge of dying but then died peacefully. He also never gave up in his life. He always made mistakes over and over again until finally came a worthy success. Last but not least Benjamin Franklin died as a happy and peaceful man at age 84 at 1790.                                            




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