††† Florida, also known as, the sunshine state was admitted to the union in 1845. It was the 27th state. The states capital is Tallahassee. The famous ever glades national park is in the southern part of Florida.

††† The land of Florida has many facts for example Northern Florida has many hills, while Central Florida has low hills. Florida in the United States of America is southern eastern. The highest point in Florida is located in the west of Alabama its wet lands cover most of southern Florida.

††† Florida has plenty of facts about the people here are a couple like its population of 18,900,773 according to the census of 2010. Different kinds of people who speak many different languages came to Florida like Spanish, English, American, and many more. About 15% of Floridaís population is African American. Lastly people from the Bahamas islands settled more then 100 years ago.

††† History for the sunshine state for a sample of some history is the first European to be on the state of Florida is Juan Ponce De Leon. Another fact about Florida is in 1845 not only was the state admitted to the union it was known as the slave state.

††† Floridaís business has plenty of facts. One example is about 50 million tourist come to visit this very state of Florida. Also people have been draining some of the wet lands from northern Florida and southern Florida.

††† Finely Florida has some more then the land, history, people, and business, it has some other interesting info for example its state bird the mocking bird. The sunshine states reptile is the alligator. This concludes this useful piece of information about the one and only FLORIDA! †††††