Born on September 23, 1949 Bruce Springsteen wasn’t always sure what he wanted going to be when he grew up. His dad Douglas and his mom Adele has always encouraged him to be what ever he wanted. He also had to sisters Ginny and pam. Supporting the family both mom and dad worked. Douglas Springsteen was a prison guard, a bus driver and a factory worker. Adele was a secretary. The family Adele and Douglas supported was made up of Dutch, Irish, and Italian jeans. While Bruce was growing up he wasn’t into making music, he liked to putter with cars. Although he wasn’t into making music he liked to listen to it . His favorite bands were The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, Eric Burdon, The Animals, Manfred Mann, The Who, Sam Cookie, Mitch Ryder, The Rascals, Martha and the Vandellas, Roy Orbison, And Gary US Bonds. After listening to a lot of music he started to get into that business. He was inspired by Elvis Presley, one of his favorite musicians. Interested in music Bruce Springsteen joined a small band that played in clubs near Asbury Park named the Castillies. After that band broke up he was added to other small bands like Steel Mill, Dr. Zoom, Earth, Sonic Boom, and Child. When it came around that his family was moving to California he didn’t and stayed back at Freehold Regional High School to be a musician. On June 9, 1972 he signed to CBS records. In his new band Clarence Clemons was on the saxophone, Gary W. Tallent was on organ, Max Weinberg on drums, and Miami Steve Van Zandlt was background vocals. Later on in his life he married model Julianne Phillips.

            Bruce was famous for many reasons. Every body liked him so much he got a nickname, the boss. His first album was Greetings from Asbury Park N.J and it released January of 1973, one year after he signed on to CBS records. At concerts many other performers spend about 40 minutes to an our on stage but Bruce rarely gets off the stage until he performs 3 hours. A lot of people liked Bruce Springsteen so to get more money Time and Newsweek wrote about him in their magazines. Later on Bruce had his songs remixed to dance singles after hearing Cindi Laupers “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” After that he made some more albums such as The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle, Born to run, Darkness at the edge of town, the river and Nebraska. In these albums featured songs like Born in the U.S.A, My Hometown, Glory Days, and Tunnel of love. Later on in Bruce’s life in his European tour he lead 100,000 fans in singing Born in the U.S.A. In 1994 he won an academy award for his success.

            Bruce Springsteen had many impacts on people in his life. He helped Clarence Clemons, his saxophone player make a solo album. He also gives money to charities in cities he’s preformed in. After some of his good deeds he participated in “we are the world” and all the money went to sick Africans.

            There are some things I think are remarkable and admirable that Bruce did. He sets good examples for kids which means he doesn’t do drugs. He did something to help the world too. He participated in the “No Nukes” concerts to prevent nuclear war. He also gives money to charities like I said in the last paragraph.

            You and I could learn a couple of things by the way he lives. Number one never give up when he wanted to be a musician he kept trying. Number two he helped people in need and gave them money. And finally, he worked hard to get where he is and its people like him that get people to be what they want and when I said people I mean YOU!




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