Greek Mythology


        This story is mainly about Greek Mythology.  There are the Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Olympus on the good side. Kronos and his Titan and monster armies on the bad side.  The three good guys in this story are Zeus, Lord of the Sky, Poseidon, Lord of the Sea and Hades, God of the Underworld.  Then there is Kronos, Lord of Time, on the bad side.

        Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were having a close battle with there father, Kronos, Lord of Time.  As the battle ended Kronos barely won.  The Gods had to retreat.  They had a war counsel and Ares was psyched being the God of War.  Athena suggested how to lure him into a trap, Zeus liked the idea.  When they battled Kronos again the trap was sprung, all the other Gods and Goddesses attacked Kronos at one time and they won this time.

        Then, while they were celebrating victory Hermes came running forward shouting “Kronos escaped from Tartarus.”  Zeus was shocked.  It was impossible to do that or at least that’s what he thought, Zeus was out of ideas.  Athena suggested that they attack one God or Goddess at a time starting with Zeus.  Zeus liked that plan better than the last.  They weakened Kronos so much that when the last God attacked Kronos was defeated and couldn’t take another physical form.