The great state of Georgia lies in the Southeastern part of the United States. To begin with, it became a state on January 2,1788 and was the 4th state. In addition, according to the 2010 Census, Georgia s current population is 9,727,566. Finally, Georgia is a unique state with land, people, and history.

The land of Georgia is the first place visitors want to see! First, visitors want too see the mountains or even the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains run across northern Georgia and run about (1,000 miles). And the climate is hot and humid summers its also their winters are mild. Furthermore, The Piedmont covers the middle of Georgia, also the Piedmont means foot of the mountain. In addition, Rolling Red Hills covers the Piedmont, also red clay gives the ground its color. All in all, Georgias land is beautiful to look at.

Georgias people is a nice sight to see! Say if you were in a airplane and you looked out of the window you would see stadiums, Atlantic City, and busy roads jammed packed. Moving on, Georgia has 65 percent of European backgrounds and other two ethnic groups like German and Scottish. Hence, the first Americans came to Georgia in about 1750. Also, by 1860 slaves made up almost 40 percent of Georgias population. After the Civil War (1861- 1865), all slaves were freed. To sum it up, the people in Georgia have a fascinating history of African Americans and European people.

Georgias history is a fascinating, most incorrigible to read about. I mean that Georgias people arrived in Georgia in about 10,000 years ago. They built huge earthen mounds. And some of these mounds are still standing today. Furthermore, on January 2, 1788 Georgia approved to the USC (United States Constitution.) In addition, in the 1760s England began taxing the colonists. The colonist thought that was unfair so they started the Revolutionary War. In other words, in the 1660s, England had 12 colonies. They were north of Georgia along the Atlantic Ocean. In conclusion, the History of Georgia is fascinating to read about.

In conclusion, Georgia is a pleasant state to see the sights. For example, visitors can visit Georgias historical sites such as the Chickamauga Battlefield, also the visitor center shows many kinds of guns and cannons that were used during the Civil War. Furthermore, The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic District is across town of Atlanta. In addition, Atlantas University Center has the largest school of African Americans in the United States. All in all, Georgia is a flawless state for visitors to see land, people, and history, and seeing the sights.