Dear Mr.Barilka

Have you ever wanted to get some good quality pancakes but didnít know were to go? If this is your problem then you should go to I Hop and get their pancakes which I love to call, the golden goddesses.One reason you should go to I hop and get some good quality pancakes are because when you eat these pancakes you will fall in love with these steamy, delicious mouthwatering golden pancakes. In addition, when you eat them you will enter a new world. Wouldnít that be nice to enter a world that is made up of just golden brown, soft and steamy goddesses? In conclusion, these pancakes could change your life forever. After you try them you will go there every weekend with your kids. Think about the kids.

††††††††††† If you are considering not going to I Hop, think about your kids and how all of their friends go to school on Monday and bragging about there day atI Hop. Daniela or Derek will come home crying and sobbing about how much they want to go to I Hop just like their friends at school. Would you really want that? I donít think that you do. So go to I Hop and let your kids have the time of their lives. In conclusion you should really consider going to I Hop.

††††††††††† At I Hop they donít only have just pancakes they have a variety of other foods. Some of the other foods that I get at I Hop are their mozzarella sticks. They are like cheesy goodness. Another food there that is cheesy goodnessís is their cheese steaks which you could get with or without cheese, which just so happens to be one of my momís favorites. One more of their food that is mouthwatering is their eggs. To tell you the truth I absolutely hate eggs and when I went to I hop one day my dad got their eggs and I tried it after that I fell in love with them. I hops food will make your mouth water, your eyes pop, your taste buds scream and your stomach thank you. All in all, I Hops food taste magical but on the other hand other restaurants food tastes like week old fried calamari.

††††††††††† Not only is their food great but if you have children, they have fun activities to do while your and your kids are waiting for your food so your kids donít keep saying to you, ďWhen is the food going to be here?Ē Nag, nag, nag. Wouldnít that be a relief?

††††††††††† I hops waiters are also the friendliest waiters in all of restaurant history. They are polite to not only you but if you have kids they are extra polite. But of course you have to be polite to them too. They always have a smile on their face. I donít know about you but I hate when the waiters at restaurant are all mean and grouchy. At I hop you donít even need to worry about that problem.

††††††††††† Now I know what youíre thinking, with all this great stuff this restaurant must be really expensive! But its not! A five stack of pancakes are only $3.50! Isnít that a great price! As you can see this restaurant is amazing!

††††††††††† Donít you think that you should appreciate the food that you have? I know I do! When you go to I hop when you start to eat the food you wonít want to stop! So donít even worry about wasting food! To me this restaurant sounds really good. SoÖÖÖÖ. go to I hop!