The Softball Game




          As Sam woke up, she wiped the crud out of her crystal blue eyes. Sam dashed in the bathroom to brush her white, fluffy, soft fur, and shiny white teeth. Then Sam sprinted to the kitchen. The breezy fan blew her white fur in front of her face. Sam gulped down her breakfast and sprinted to her softball game. As Sam rushed outside it was so hot that Sam was sizzling like a hot potato. Sweat dripped down on Sam’s red face.

          “Finally,” Sam stated. “I’m here!” Sam darted to the field as fast as silver. Meanwhile Sam got her glove and bat and started practicing before the game. Bam! Went the bat, and as fast as a finger snap the game was about to begin.

          Sam’s team was the starfish and she was vs. the hammerheads, they were undeafted and very good, so Sam was very nervous. She had butterflies in her stomach. Sam wanted to win so badly. However, the problem was they were very tall compared to the starfish. First up the starfish were batting first. “Balls in” yelled the empire. Batter up! Sam rushed to home plate. Sam was very nervous she did not want to let down her team. Sam’s hands were sweating in worries. Then at last, the softball came flying at Sam. Bam! And as fast as a lighting strike Sam hit the ball into the outfield. “Run run,” yelled Sam’s teammates. Yah! Screeched Sam. At last, everyone bated and it was time for the 2nd inning. So far, Sam’s team had three points and the hammerheads had six. Sam rushed to second base then Sam got ready to play. “Let’s win this thing,” shouted Sam. The score was eight to seven. The starfish had seven so they need to two more scores to win. Sam darted to home plate, and as fast as a bullet train, the ball flew in the sky. “Run! Run!” screamed everyone. Sam made a homerun she was so excited Sam danced in happiness. Finally, Sam’s teammate Maxy ripped the ball in the outfield. “Run! Run!” yelled the crowd. At last, the score was eight to nine. Yah! Yah! Sam shouted for joy! Sam was very proud, Sam learned that handwork, and teamwork comes a long way.