Dear Mr. Barilka,

Homework homework homework! Why do we get homework? For example, if we had no homework think of all the things we could do! In addition to that, we would be much happier, and it would give us a ton more time to study for incoming tests!

First comes first, homework blocks all that extra time we will have to be doing activities that we never had time to do! Running around, laughing having a great time with friends is what weíre all missing out on. Playing all those meaningless games such as tag, hide and go, and many many more will fill our everyday schedule. Think back when you were a kid, all the fun you had playing all those silly little games outside. I bet you had a lot of fun. We would love to have that extra time, but were probably doing homework while the sun is slowly dropping into the horizon. Soccer, baseball, basketball, football, which one to choice? With all that extra time we can start sports that we always wanted to do. Sometimes we just need a breath of fresh air, and we canít while we are cooped up inside doing homework!

††††††††† A smile will be glued to our faces if we had no homework. We will only have to study; furthermore, it will give us a tremendous amount of time to play outside .Remember when you were a kid, when you got no homework how excited you were to go either play outside or hang out with your friends. No homework we will us several hours to make new friends and socialize.You always complain about us talking in the hall and in class, but now with the extra time we will have we can talk to friends on the phone or in person. So we wonít have a lot to say in class.What are we going to say in school to each other? How are you? Yeah ok.

Doesnít it feel really bad when you fail? Thatís what youíre making us do! If we spend all our free time doing homework, how are we even going to have time to study? Think of what our parents are going to say about those low grades, 30, 40, 50. They would be very disappointed.Believe me, It feels really good when you get a good when you get a great grade. If we had no homework Iím telling you, we will get better grades!

I think no homework is a great idea! It will give us many hours to do other things perhaps as playing outside or hanging out with friends, it will make us all happier, and we will have a long time to study! Donít you think itís a good idea too?