Max’s Adventure



In the freezing, cold, white snowflakes, a penguin named Max went in his cold room. When he was dreaming it was about New York the place where dreams come true. So when he woke up from sleeping so long he went to his mom and dad’s room to ask if he can go to New York and to see the kitty cats in person not on T.V. When his parents talked it over they said, “Yes but you have to come back in one year.”

          After he packed his things his mom gave him fish to eat for when he got hungry. So he hugged his parents and swam away in the freezing cold water. Later he stopped because he swam for 1,000 miles. He stopped in Mexico when was there he saw a Spanish fish when Max asked the fish his named he said “John,” and then told John his was named Max. Later he came up from the water and saw dogs and other animals on the beach. He thought about his parents and how they would the love the beach and the cool water and the colorful fish in the water.

          As soon as Max started to swim he land in Florida he saw two clown fish sitting on a green coral. As he swam towards the fish a hammerhead shark with a huge light gray shark stopped him and said, “If you want to pass you have to race your way out.” But then he swam up and walked to the hot, sandy sand and when he walked up the water covered the penguin’s foot prints.  Then Max layed in the shallow water where the shark couldn’t catch him. He went little closer in the blue, clear, cold water. Also when he looked up he saw the burning, steaming, yellow sun.

          After that he got a idea to get a shark suit to pretend to be one of the gray shark or a hammerhead shark. After he picked a suit John the fish swam up and Max gave him the gray shark outfit.

They put on the mean and ugly suits. When they dove into the water he saw the sharks Max and John swim deep in the water until they stopped next to the shark group. After they dove into the water  Max thought, “ what if we talk like sharks and tall, scary, mean, and ugly shark will not know anything?”

          Soon they got there and the sharks didn’t realize it was the penguin and fish. When the sharks let them go they swam as fast as they could.  Next when they got to New York they got up and walked up to a store called Duck-Duck Café shop. They took the costumes off and drank some hot chocolate because they were clod and needed a little warmth. When they walked out of the store they saw the newspaper and it said the kitty cats cost $100 for tickets they saw the price they found a guitar and the fish played as Max sang. They stared with $50 then another $50 also $20 too. They got the tickets and got gummy bears with the $20 dollars.

          Later when they gave the rabbit the tickets they walked in and danced  to the music and it was so cool because they went all the way to the front of the crowed. Max was cheerful that he got to see his favorite band.

          Finally, when they walked out of the concert he learned that hard work can get anything done.