Hawaii is a very interesting state. Its state bird is the Nene, the Hawaii goose. The state flower is the yellow hibiscus. The state tree is the kukui. The state song is Hawaii ponoi. These are some interesting facts about Hawaii.

Hawaiis land is very amazing. The islands are formed by underground volcanoes. It has 132 islands. It has rugged lava cliffs on the beaches. It has mild sunny weather all year, witch makes Hawaii a great place to live.

There are several people that live in Hawaii. The population is 1,366,862. 9% of the population is natives. 42% of the population is Asian Americans. 24% of the population is white, in fact that is the least population of white people in the country.

Hawaii has a very interesting history. In the 1700s several chiefs ruled Hawaii. U.S. citizens over throw queen Liliukaui in 1893. In 1894 the republic of Hawaii is established. In 1959 Hawaii becomes the 50th state. That is only part of Hawaiis amazing history.

Hawaii has a very big business. The biggest business in Hawaii is tourism. The sugar cane business is another big business in Hawaii. Some other businesses in Hawaii are manufacturing, coffee, and trade. Another huge business in Hawaii is real estate because of how GREAT Hawaii is.

I just gave the basic of Hawaii. If you want to know more, go to Hawaii, you might even want to live there some day. So all the things about Hawaii make it such an interesting state!