Walt Disney

By Isha




Walt Disney is a terrific person. He changed history of cartoons and celebrities. His work inspired many people. Also, he made a remarkable world named Disney World. His imagination and confidence made him keep working even when a couple of movies flopped.

Disney was born in December 5th 1901. He had 3 brothers and 1 sister. His favorite sibling was Roy. Roy was talented and believed in Walt. He was born in Chicago Illinois. Walt Disney married Lilly Bounds. He had two daughters: Diane and Sharon.

At age 5 he moved to Missouri. That is where his love for animals came from. As a boy, he always loved to draw. One time he drew with tar on the side of their house. The tar hardened and his parents couldn’t scrape it off. Walt drew with tar because his parents could not afford paper or pencil.

In 1919, Walter Disney decided he wanted to be an artist. His father said he was foolish. Therefore, Walt moved out and settled with Roy. He started his career in Kansas but before that, he did volunteering work in the Red Cross. Walt started drawing advertisements. It was his first step into his career. Soon he started to create short cartoons in black and white. They hired people and soon Walt Disney Studios was formed. He borrowed money from Roy and moved to California.

Soon he fell in love with Lilly Bounds. She was an artist who worked with him. After their wedding, Walt Disney started making more characters. Alice and Lucky Rabbit some of his characters were about to come to life but some disturbing news struck him. His characters were stolen. Roy’s faith in Disney’s artwork kept Walt working.

So this time the characters he made were secure. Than Mickey Mouse was born. He had velvet pants and a smile that could never be forgotten. He is a cheerful mouse with floppy ears. Mickey is friendly and cute.

Steamboat Willie was his first cartoon. It had shades of black, gray, white, and brown. It was a hit! People wanted to buy it but he was not for sale. A few years after, he made a cartoon with red, yellow, and blue. Everybody was thrilled!

After his first cartoon, he was making a movie. It took him three years to finish. At last, in 1937 he presented Snow White. The film is filled with delightful music, color, and lots and lots of action! It was more than an hour long.

In the next ten years, he made and animated a lot of movies also cartoons. Here are the names of some of the fantastic films: Dumbo, Peter Pan, Bambi and the most wonderful movie and most magical movie of all Cinderella!!!

Then in 1952, Walt Disney decided to build an amusement park. All the parks were dirty at that time. He wanted to make a clean and beautiful park. Walt bought a small piece of land in California. It took years to complete. Finally, Disneyland opened in 1955. There were many problems at the amusement park. Some people said the place was a disaster! So Disney started fixing the problems. Soon Disneyland turned from a disaster into grand and lovely park. It was so clean that even with a microscope it was hard to spot germs. Everybody adored the park. He always found ways to make people happy.

After a while, Walt Disney started thinking to make a gigantic   amusement park in Orlando, Florida. They were about to start building it but then…

Walt Disney died ten days later his birthday on December 15 1966. He never saw Disney World. So Roy kept working on it to make Walt’s last dream come true. In 1971, Walt Disney World opened. It truly is a wonderful and magical park!

Walt Disney inspired many young kids. His cartoons are still popular. Even after his death in 1966, his work lives on. His park attracts millions of people. Disney is a creative man. His name will live on and on!!!   









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