In the woods, there once lived a turtle named Tim. His home was a hollow log. One night Tim went into his house and turned on his small TV. He put on the local news and heard a marathon would begin. He wanted to join even though he was slow.

That morning he started to walk out of the woods. Tim remembered how the other turtles called him “competitive” and he felt confident from that. Then Tim found himself on a busy street. Tim noticed someone stop a taxi. He scrambled to get over by the taxi. Once he saw the door open, he hopped in. Tim hid under a backpack in the taxi so they would not see him.

After a long time Tim heard the taxi door open. He got out from under the backpack and climbed out the taxi. He heard cars honking, people yelling, and many more bright yellow taxis. He went in his shell trying to block the noise. Eventually he came out still frightened. He also saw street venders selling hot dogs, popcorn, and pretzels.

Later that day Tim went to a near by park trying to get himself ready for the marathon. He took walks and once in awhile he would swim in the vast park lake. Tim could run a little bit faster but he was still slow. The next day Tim noticed many people lining up by a START line. He went behind the crowd and then heard a whistle. Everyone began to run. Tim began to run very slowly as he watched everyone sprint ahead of him. As they all grew ahead closer to the finish line, they gradually slowed down to a stop panting and sweating. Tim got ahead of everyone and crossed the finish line first.

Someone then picked Tim up and put a first place ribbon on his shell. Another person took Tim’s picture and put it in the newspaper. The title was “slow and steady wins the race.”