Tony Hawk

By: Jarett




Tony Hawk, a regular kid, who knew would end up being the famous skater legend Tony Hawk. On May 12 1968, Tony Hawk was born in San Diego, California. When Tony was born his two sisters Lenore and Pat were already in college and his only brother Steve was already in 8th Grade. His moms name was Nancy and his dads name was named Frank. Both of his parents thought he was spoiled because he always thought he had to be the best but he was still loved. Tony played many sports. He swam played basketball and played Baseball. When Tony was six years old, his family moved to Tierrasanta, California

          One day in Tony is new home; his brother Steve gave Tony his old skateboard. Tony did not know what to do with it but Tony Went to Oasis Skate Park to practice anyway. Tony competed in his first competition when he was eleven years old and he did not do well. He fell doing many of his tricks. Sometimes he won other times he did not either way skate boarding became Tony’s whole life. Frank Tony Hawks’s dad helped create the California amateur skateboard league in 1980 because many skaters were losing interest in Skateboarding and Frank wanted to keep the sport alive. When Tony was 12, Stacy Peralta asked Tony to join his team Tony accepted. The name of the team was the Bones Brigade. His team entered many national competitions and won most of them. In 1981, Tony’s family moved to Cardiff California. He went to San Diego for high school, but had no friends. All the other kids that went there called skateboarding a “loser” sport so he transferred to Torry pines high School. After school, he would go skate at Del mar Skate Park; he made many new friends there

          Tony Hawk turned professional when he was 14 years old in 1982. In 1983, Frank hawk formed the National Skateboard association and he was president of it. Tony was 17 years old when he was living on his own. He had an expensive house and an expensive car plus he had two skateboard ramps built in his front yard. In 1990, people began to lose interest in skateboarding again. That is when Tony created the birdhouse project. The birdhouse project is a skateboarding company. In 1992, Tony married Cindy Dunbar and had a son they named him Riley. The next few years were hard

For Tony because he did not make a lot of money so Tony and Cindy got divorced and Frank found out that  he had cancer. In 1995, Tony entered his first X games and Frank died. In 1996, Tony married Erin. In 1999, Tony does the 900 but not in the time allowed. In 2003, Tony entered the X games and did the 900 in the time allowed 45 seconds. Tony is retired now and has three sons Spencer, Keegan and Riley. Tony Hawk is a skateboard legend.

          Tony Hawk affected many people’s lives. He was the first to do and land the 900-degree spin. Doing the 900 made people want to try skateboarding. Tony also volunteered in 15 Charities. Two of them are the Mia Hamm and Jeff Gordon foundation. Tony Hawk helped rebuild skate parks to make them cleaner and to put more ramps and rails in them. Tony Hawk is the best skate boarder         





































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